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Established in 1913, the Polonia Palace Hotel is a landmark property and has endured through wars,
the reconstruction of Warsaw, post-war times, and the recent pandemic.
Continuously serving as a meeting place for local artists and diplomats,
it has also been a destination for many international guests.

Today, we face new challenges and want to assure you, that we are consciously embarking on a path of change.

We aim to take even greater care of the local community and the environment than ever before.
We are proud of the fact that long before programs and phenomena were named,
we were already on this path—a path grounded in transparency, ethics, environmental responsibility,
and the well-being of our employees and partners.

We have long supported local initiatives, schools, and projects.
We have always been committed to the development and education of our staff
and have provided assistance during challenging moments in their lives.
Furthermore, we have consistently promoted history, tradition, and culture.

We adhere to current regulations, actively prioritize environmental protection,
and strive to minimize the negative impacts of our hotel operations.

We are pleased to share with you a summary of the positive initiatives
we undertake for our shared present and future.

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