History of Polonia Palace Hotel in Poland

History in the Heart of Warsaw

The Polonia Palace is a unique hotel in central Warsaw: boasting a long history, it has survived war and political crises with dignity, and today stands as a symbol of the best of both old and new Warsaw. The hotel accommodation is an easy walk from Warsaw's shopping districts and financial centers, and enjoys an enviable location it is directly opposite the Palace of Culture and Science, and offers its guests an unimpeded view of this landmark building.

The Polonia Palace was founded by Konstanty Przedziecki, a member of a well-respected aristocratic family and designed by Juliusz Nagórski and Józef Holewiński. It was opened on July 14, 1913, and introduced some welcome (and quite rare) amenities to its guests, such as cold and hot running water in every room, central heating and dial telephones. It also offered both its guests and Varsovians a touch of post-WWI, 1920's glamour: its Parisian-inspired facade housed the Palais-Dancing Restaurant, which quickly became one of the most fun and fashionable places in the city. Frequented by actors, singers, artists, writers and politicians, the restaurant was most definitely the place to 'see and be seen'.

The hotel has the distinction of being the only hotel to have emerged from the Second World War completely unscathed, and as such, the Polonia Palace became the hotel-of-choice for ambassadors and diplomatics, and it also housed a number of embassies. One of the hotel's most well-known guests was General Eisenhower; he stayed here in 1945 and was cheered and welcomed by hundreds of Varsovians, anxious to get a glimpse of the great gentleman.

The post-WWII period was challenging for our hotel as it was for so many as we were determined to maintain our own high standards during the Communist era, and provide a friendly and welcoming experience for our guests. We are proud to say that our staff indeed managed to continue the Polonia Palace's legacy of warmth, excellence and style during what could surely be described as turbulent times.

After the 1989 fall of Communism in Poland, the Polonia Palace went from strength to strength, looking to the future and embracing modernity, but never surrendering its heart or forsaking its tradition. In 2005, after two years of renovations and modernisation, the hotel hosted a grand reopening celebration: 500 guests danced, ate and toasted the night away in the fully restored restaurants, lobby, and rooms and the hotel turned to a vibrant new page in its history.

Today, the Polonia Palace is a delightful mix of tradition and modernity; of beauty and comfort; of excellence and genuine warmth. Mingling modern four-star conveniences and conference facilities with a homely restaurant and a cool jazz bar, it celebrates the best of its past whilst actively playing a part in Warsaw's future.

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